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During critical moments, getting to the emergency room is only half the struggle - long wait times will further delay your treatment. FindED provides intuitive hospital wait time, care quality metrics, and real-time traffic data you can understand immediately. Get the attention you need in the shortest amount of time possible.

Northside Hospital

Quality Index


37 mins

Wait: 16 mins
Travel: 21 mins
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Time: Wait Time is the average time until seen by a practitioner after arriving at the hospital. Travel Time is the estimated time from your current location to the selected hospital. Total Time is displayed as the sum of Wait Time & Travel Time.

Quality: Quality Index is a singular 0 - 100 measure of a hospital’s quality of care. It is composited from hospital infection rates and hospital timely and effective care measures as reported by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Hospital Quality Initiative. A higher Quality Index indicates a hospital with better rated performance.

Insurance: This feature is only available in the state of Georgia. The panel displays the top five health insurance companies by market size if accepted at a specific hospital. A detailed list of accepted insurance providers can be found in the detailed insurance tab. This information is provided if publicly available and is subject to change.

Charts: Within each hospital panel, interactive charts display specific wait time and quality metrics. Specific hospital metrics are compared against nearby hospitals and state averages.

Ranking: Select one of five different ranking algorithms based on your preferences. The default ranking takes into account quality of care and wait time.

About Us

Our team of Georgia Tech students from a variety of backgrounds: Prashant Tailor, Farhan Khan, Dale Rivera, and Tony Shu started development on what would become FindED after observing excessively long wait times in the emergency room. This tool was created as a response to the widespread absence of hospital data available to the public, which we believe to be a major shortcoming in modern day healthcare. While this application is intended to help users make informed decisions on where to receive care, it is only a stepping stone toward future studies on how interactions between patients and hospitals are affected by the availability of hospital data. We hope to continue increasing healthcare transparency for those who seek treatment.

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